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Mermaid Tail Repair Tape

You've swam and played pretend with your mermaid tail. You've been as careful with it as possible but the delicate tips are starting to wear or crack a little. What's a mermaid to do? The lovely folks over at Sun Tail Mermaid have a great feature for their Tails: mermaid fin repair tape! Here's the…
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Mermaid Clothing

Mermaid Clothing First up is this darling pair of mermaid socks. They're affordable and look very comfortable. They would be so cute peeking out of a pair of tall boots! Buy them here!Here's a fun skirt! It looks like that mermaid pillow I talked about awhile ago. It has sequins and totally looks like mermaid…
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Mermaid Tail Blankets

So you've got your little one or maybe even yourself a mermaid tail for the pool or dress up time. But how can you take your love of being a mermaid even further when you're on dry land? Mermaid blankets. That's how. Imagine it being winter and snowy outside, but you are warm and toasty…
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So You Want to Be a Professional Mermaid?

Your little one might love playing pretend as a mermaid in the pool and around the house. In fact, they might have even answered the age-old question of "What do you want to be when you grow up?" with "A mermaid!" It sounds like a fantasy. But it isn't as far-fetched as you might think.…
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Mermaids in Music

Mermaids are popular in our culture. They grab at our minds and fill our dreams. What's dreamier than long, flowing hair underwater and a sparkly tail that you use to effortlessly flip so you can float underwater? We love mermaids here, as you can tell. Here are some of our favorites from popular music. At…
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Mermaid Bento Box Food

Mermaid Bento Box Food? You know as a child that your parents told you not to play with your food. But now that you're an adult, you can do what you want! How about some great ideas for mermaid bento-box-style food? Bento is a way of packaging your lunch, originating in Japan. Basically you cut…
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Sand Art and Sculptures with Mermaids

A few years ago when I had the amazing opportunity to return to London, my husband and I were walking along the banks of the Thames. We looked down and on the sandy shore next to the gloomy water was a man with a suitcase. In the suitcase he had various kitchen tools that he…
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Mermaids in Movies Part Two

A few weeks ago we explored some popular movies that included mermaids. Today, we have even more mermaid films for you to consider. First up is the movie Aquamarine. It stars Emma Roberts (who was great in Nancy Drew). It's about a girl who makes a wish so she doesn't have to move away from…
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