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Mermaids in Movies Part One

Everyone knows of The Little Mermaid, but what about other mermaid films? Mermaids have captivated popular culture for decades. Here are some great mermaid movies, some of which are suitable for your own little mermaids at home. As always, use your discretion to make sure it's appropriate for your own child. Splash is appropriate for…
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How to Make Your Own Mermaid Cake

How to Make Your Own Mermaid Cake All week we've been looking at gorgeous mermaid cakes. But what if you could make one yourself? Today I'm featuring a few different how-to videos to show you how to DIY your own mermaid cake for a birthday, baby shower, retirement bash, or a general party! These cakes…
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Mermaid Cakes Part Two

Earlier this week we showed you some gorgeous mermaid cakes. Who's ready for some more? Up first is an absolutely gorgeous, detail-laden mermaid cake. This would be so beautiful for a baby shower or a special party. The mermaid's hair cascades down in pink and purple swirls that are pearlized. Absolutely gorgeous! SourceThis next one…
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Mermaid Cakes Part One

Maybe you're throwing a birthday party, baby shower, or going away party. Maybe you just need a reason to surprise a friend or celebrate the end of a big project. Cake is always the answer. And for mermaid fans like us, nothing goes better with cake than mermaid paraphernalia. We've got a ton of mermaid…
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Mermaid Food for a Party

Mermaid Food for a Party Are you throwing a birthday party or general mermaid bash for the mermaid lovers in your life? You've come to the right place! There are so many different ideas out there for mermaid party food. I've compiled some of them here. Jodi at Meaningful Mama has prepared a full menu…
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Mermaid Clothes for Babies

Mermaid Clothes for Babies This week I thought I'd delve into mermaid clothing options for babies! I didn't think such a thing existed but now I realize there are a plethora of options for the little mermaids in your life. I'm choosing onesies that are all sold on Etsy. It's important to support craftspeople and…
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The Infamous Mermaid Pillow

The Infamous Mermaid Pillow This post might seem a little weird. Steve Noviello, a correspondent for Fox News 4 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, was out furniture shopping when he found a curious pillow on a sofa. It's a pillow with double sided sequins stitched into the fabric. When you touch it, it changes colors. He thought…
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Adult Mermaid Fins from Sun Tail Mermaid!

As promised last year, the fine folks over at Sun Tail Mermaid have come out with fins for teenagers AND adults! They have the Keiki Kid Monofins which are their original sizes. These come in at 18 inches and 18.5 inches at its widest part. They have the durable, non-blister-causing neoprene foot pockets that are…
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