Mermaids in Music

Mermaids are popular in our culture. They grab at our minds and fill our dreams. What's dreamier than long, flowing hair underwater and a sparkly tail that you use to effortlessly flip so you can float underwater? We love mermaids here, as you can tell. Here are some of our…


Mermaids in Movies Part One

Everyone knows of The Little Mermaid, but what about other mermaid films? Mermaids have captivated popular culture for decades. Here are some great mermaid movies, some of which are suitable for your own little mermaids at home. As always, use your discretion to make sure it's appropriate for your own…


Mermaid Cakes Part Two

Earlier this week we showed you some gorgeous mermaid cakes. Who's ready for some more? Up first is an absolutely gorgeous, detail-laden mermaid cake. This would be so beautiful for a baby shower or a special party. The mermaid's hair cascades down in pink and purple swirls that are pearlized.…