How to Get Mermaid Hair for Short Hair

We've had two posts about how to get mermaid hair to go along with your mermaid tails: one with inspiration images and the other with a brief how-to of dying your hair along with links to the proper products to achieve the mermaid look.

But what if you have short hair, you want thicker hair to complete your mermaid look, or if you are allergic to bleach and hair dyes? Or maybe you have a job that doesn't allow hair colors not naturally found on humans but you still want to feel like a mermaid on the weekends. We've got you covered.

Clip-in, removable hair extensions will get you the look you want. Whether you have short hair, thin hair, or you can't dye your own hair, these are perfect for achieving that gorgeous, flowing mermaid look.

You can dye any human hair extensions to match your own hair. These from Luxy Hair Extensions get great reviews.


You dye the extensions with Manic Panic just like you dye your own hair. You simply spread out a surface covering like cut-up trash bags over your kitchen table. Lay out the extensions, then mix the dyes you want. Paint them onto the extensions, cover them with plastic wrap to keep them wet, and let them sit for an hour or longer. Then you rinse out the dye in the sink with a tiny bit of shampoo. Let the extensions dry, and voila! You have your clip-in mermaid tresses.

There are many tutorials on YouTube showing how to dye hair extensions using Manic Panic. This is a great one:

And here's another showing how she puts them into her hair:

I love this video showing how versatile hair extensions can be, even for super short hair:

Here's another video with a woman who has a TRUE pixie cut applying hair extensions:

Then again, if you have short, pixie-cut hair, don't think you must get extensions for a mermaid look. Plenty of people have dyed their short locks to get mermaid hair.



Happy swimming, mermaids!

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