Mermaid Bento Box Food

Mermaid Bento Box Food?

You know as a child that your parents told you not to play with your food.

But now that you're an adult, you can do what you want!

How about some great ideas for mermaid bento-box-style food?

Bento is a way of packaging your lunch, originating in Japan. Basically you cut out food shapes to make cute depictions of animals in your lunch.

Around here, we don't just love any kind of creature. We love mermaids the most! Read below for fun, bento-style mermaid food ideas perfect for lunch boxes or fun summer lunches.

First up is a mermaid with a kiwi-scale tail, strawberry hair, and a cookie body.

Next, we have a rice body mermaid with smoked salmon hair with a leafy tail and dumplings on the side.


Here is a mermaid with pasta hair colored red by pasta sauce. The tail is fried batter prawn and her bikini top is a crab stick.


Here's one that's a bit simpler. The hair is ramen noodles, the tail is an Eby fry, and the body is a slice of ham and turkey. The bra top is simple carrots.


I hope these images give you plenty of inspiration for your own lunches!

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