Mermaid Tail Repair Tape

You've swam and played pretend with your mermaid tail. You've been as careful with it as possible but the delicate tips are starting to wear or crack a little.

What's a mermaid to do?

The lovely folks over at Sun Tail Mermaid have a great feature for their Tails: mermaid fin repair tape!

Here's the product description:

New & Improved!  Our protector stickers come free with every Mermaid Tail + Monofin sets! But you can also order them separately to repair old tails, or protect new tail skins.

You receive:

  • Generously sized rectangle stickers that are easier to apply than pre-cut shapes. New, stronger adhesive!
  • Illustrated instructions for use.
  • Fun Sun Tail Mermaid sticker
  • Select kit and also receive two black bumpers to help pad the tips of your mermaid tail to better protect against damage, or select stickers only if you do not need the bumpers.

All you need is a pair of scissors to trim the stickers to fit. The protector tips are clear, so they let the beauty of any tail color shine through.

The clear protector stickers are not meant to be permanent.  Rather, they are like training wheels to help you learn to keep the tips of your tail from touching  rough surfaces.  If they fall off before you have learned to keep your tail safe, you may order more at an affordable price.  The black bumpers should always be used (even beyond training) to significantly extend the life of your fabric mermaid tail.

And here is a helpful diagram showing you how to repair the tips of your tails:

It seems like an easy process to undertake for huge rewards. Now the fun in the water doesn't have to come to a screeching halt!

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