Dragon Tail Mermaid Tail + Monofin Set

Dragon Tail Mermaid Tail + Monofin Set


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Dragon Tail is a mermaid tail design inspired by fantasy flying dragons with lizard-like scales. Diamond shaped reptilian scales in black, greens, and pinks coordinate with our green mermaid monofin for a truly fantastical look.

INCLUDES – Fabric mermaid tail, monofin (flipper), and protective waterproof tape to protect the tips of the tail against wear.
BEAUTIFUL – High-end mermaid tail with beautiful designs and colors.
COMFORTABLE – Mermaid tails are soft, breathable swimsuit fabric with 4-way stretch.
PATENTED – Monofins provide superior swimming propulsion and control.
HIGH QUALITY – Made in the USA.
LOW PRICE – Better quality than the tails you pay $100-$150 for.
FREE SHIPPING – We only sell and ship to addresses in the USA.
CUSTOMER SERVICE – Top-notch service from a USA company.

Sizing Chart

star Child Sizes star

M Child L Child XL Child
Age 6-8 8-10 10-13+
US Size 6/7, 8 8/10, 10 Girls 10-13, Junior 3-7, Misses 2-4
Waist 21-23 in
53-58 cm
22-24 in
56-61 cm
23-25 in
58-64 cm
Length 26-30 in
66-76 cm
31-35 in
79-89 cm
34-38 in
86-97 cm

star Teen and Adult Sizes star

Size Girls 14/16, Junior 7-11, Misses 4-6 Junior 11-15, Misses 8-10 Junior 17-19, Misses 12-16
Waist 24-27 in
61-69 cm
26-30 in
66-76 cm
30-34 in
76-86 cm
Hip 26-30 in
66-67 cm
30-34 in
76-86 cm
34-38 in
86-96 cm
Length 35-39 in
89-99 cm
36-40 in
91-101 cm
37-41 in
94-104 cm


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M-Child, L-Child, XL-Child, JS-Junior, JM-Junior, JL-Junior